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Integrating ODBC with WordPerfect for Windows

Interacting with the data

This section describes direct interaction with the data, i.e. without using WordPerfect macros. WordPerfect provides two interfaces, ODBC and ODBC (SQL).

The Import Data dialog box


You access the ODBC or the ODBC(SQL) options from the WordPerfect Import Spreadsheet/Database dialog box. To open this dialog box, open the Insert menu, choose Spreadsheet/Database and then choose Import. The import dialog box appears.

Select either ODBC or ODBC(SQL) from the Data type list and then, from the Data Source drop-down list, select the required data source. Please refer to the WordPerfect documentation for details of the ODBC Query-by-example interface.


A summary of the data interaction follows:
  1. WordPerfect sends a data request, in the form of an SQL statement, to the ODBC driver.
  2. The ODBC driver passes the data request to the Database Management System (DBMS) ODBC interface.
  3. The DBMS translates the SQL to instructions in the DBMS's "native language".
  4. It performs the instructions and passes the result (as data rows) back up the chain to WordPerfect.
  5. WordPerfect carries out any necessary processing and inserts the results in the form that you specify.

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